Capelli System


The use of scalp cooling is, evidently, the best method to avoid alopecia, the side effect of the major part of the chemotherapy treatments.

The scalp cooling system through the circulation of extremely cold air by a thermal cap with internal fins that guarantee turbulent flow (patented by Fabinject) offers a superior response to the traditional methods of cooling.


Introduzindo Capelli, a nova geraçãoUnderstanding these demands, analyzing the positives and negatives of each method, Fabinject developed its own cap called Capelli. This is a rigid cap made of ABS-plastic, covered with closed-cell thermal foam, which must be coupled through a conductive hose to the extremely cold air-generating equipment, Freddo.

Capelli, winner of the Pfizer 2017 Innovation Challenge of the Year in the medical field, The use of scalp cooling is evidently the best method to avoid alopecia, the side effect of the major part of the chemotherapy treatments. The scalp cooling system through the circulation of extremely cold air by a thermal cap with internal ends that guarantee turbulent flow (patented by Fabinject).

During initial product testing, comparing with current methods, Capelli superior performance in patient hair sustenance was absurd. A quiet, reliable, low-need medical intervention system was obtained that was easy to operate and comfortable for the patient, which outperformed the historically used methods.

Freddo is a skin cooler widely used in the dermatology and vascular surgery area, with more than 1,500 equipment in use in Brazil and abroad. It is the only device that can run for hours, uninterrupted. This performance is achieved through the choice of the best materials and suppliers in the market, but especially its patented self-drying system. The air temperature generated by Freddo ranges from -20°C to -35°C. Extreme cold, circulating air, which keeps the temperature of the scalp between 9°C and 17°C.

Capelli is designed to ensure turbulent airflow throughout the treatment, sustaining 100% cooling in 100% of the area occupied by patients' scalp. The mobility of the patient is maintained, thus ensuring greater comfort to the patient who can use it sitting or lying down.

All this system was patented and duly registered with ANVISA (Brazilian Health Agency) and certified by INMETRO (Brazilian Quality and Safety Agency).

Believe it:



  • No need for consumables.
  • Ease of operation, does not require liquid level checking and the panel can be in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Plug & play system, just plug into a 220V outlet, in 5 minutes it will be ready for use, against more than half an hour of circulating liquid systems.
  • Low need for medical team supervision.
  • 100% of the scalp will be in contact with extremely cold air.
  • It has 5 sizes of caps that guarantee the universalization of treated patients.
  • Patented design caps with durability of hundreds of treatments.
  • Do not leak water during treatment stops for going to the bathroom, for example.
  • Possibility of customization of the caps, with printing of the name of the clinic / hospital.

Indicated to reduce alopecia in patients receiving chemotherapy drugs potentially producing alopecia (doxorubicin, epirubicin, docetaxel, among others).


Patients with greater sensitivity to cold. Patients with low clinical performance. Patients with scalp involvement due to underlying pathology or other pathologies that contraindicate extreme cold. Patients with important deformities of the skull that prevent the perfect coupling of Capelli.


The long-term effects of scalp cooling and the risk of metastasis on the scalp have not been fully studied.

ATTENTION: Clinical studies have produced varying rates of success in reducing alopecia in patients undergoing chemotherapy with scalp cooling, as the outcome depends on several factors including chemotherapy regimen, dose, duration of drug infusion, metabolism chemotherapy and concomitant comorbidities. Patients undergoing concomitant use of drugs with high alopecia power, have worse results with Capelli system, as well as with any other scalp cooling systems.


Most patients well tolerates scalp cooling with the Capelli cooling system. Some patients may have mild to moderate headache due to scalp cooling. Rarely occured the discontinuity of using the Capelli system.
Based on medical literature, scalp metastases are rare occurrences regardless of the stage of breast cancer (scalp metastasis as the first sign of recurrence occurs in 1 in 4000 patients and in 1 in 100 patients who already have other sites of metastasis). The observed risk of metastasis to the scalp does not appear to differ between patients who used the cooling system and those who did not.


Description of treatment with CapelliThe scalp cooling system using Capelli in conjunction with the Freddo equipment should be applied in all chemo sections.

Fit the Capelli, attach the air hose through the quick coupler and start the cooling by pressing the "PLAY" button on the Freddo device. This cooling process should be started at least 15 minutes before drug infusion.

Maintain the cooling throughout the infusion and also for 60 to 120 minutes after the application in order to ensure the scalp cooling during the drug action peak period.


Dimensions: Diameter 26 cm, Height 21 cm
Weight: 700 gr
Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
T-Shirt Pattern: Customizable

Dimensions: Width 51 cm, Prof. 48 cm, Height 71 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Capacity on the machine: 5 kg
Power supply: 220V / 60Hz / 10A
Consumption: 0.56 kW / hour (1,910 BTU / hour)


Alopecia is not a threat to life, but its effect can turn into a psychological disaster. For the patient, family and friends.