• No need for consumables.
  • Ease of operation, does not require liquid level checking and the panel can be in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Plug & play system, just plug into a 220V outlet, in 5 minutes it will be ready for use, against more than half an hour of circulating liquid systems.
  • Low need for medical team supervision.
  • 100% of the scalp will be in contact with extremely cold air.
  • It has 5 sizes of caps that guarantee the universalization of treated patients.
  • Patented design caps with durability of hundreds of treatments.
  • Do not leak water during treatment stops for going to the bathroom, for example.
  • Possibility of customization of the caps, with printing of the name of the clinic / hospital.

Indicated to reduce alopecia in patients receiving chemotherapy drugs potentially producing alopecia (doxorubicin, epirubicin, docetaxel, among others).


Patients with greater sensitivity to cold. Patients with low clinical performance. Patients with scalp involvement due to underlying pathology or other pathologies that contraindicate extreme cold. Patients with important deformities of the skull that prevent the perfect coupling of Capelli.


The long-term effects of scalp cooling and the risk of metastasis on the scalp have not been fully studied

ATTENTION: Clinical studies have produced varying rates of success in reducing alopecia in patients undergoing chemotherapy with scalp cooling, as the outcome depends on several factors including chemotherapy regimen, dose, duration of drug infusion, metabolism chemotherapy and concomitant comorbidities. Patients undergoing concomitant use of drugs with high alopecia power, have worse results with Capelli system, as well as with any other scalp cooling systems.