A quiet, reliable, low-need medical intervention system was obtained that was easy to operate and comfortable for the patient, which outperformed the historically used methods.

During initial product testing, comparing with current methods, Capelli superior performance in patient hair sustenance was absurd.

All this system was patented and duly registered with ANVISA (Brazilian Health Agency) and certified by INMETRO (Brazilian Quality and Safety Agency).

Freddo is a skin cooler widely used in the dermatology and vascular surgery area, with more than 1,500 equipment in use in Brazil and abroad. It is the only device that can run for hours, uninterrupted. This performance is achieved through the choice of the best materials and suppliers in the market, but especially its patented self-drying system. The air temperature generated by Freddo ranges from -20°C to -35°C. Extreme cold, circulating air, which keeps the temperature of the scalp between 9°C and 17°C.

Capelli is designed to ensure turbulent airflow throughout the treatment, sustaining 100% cooling in 100% of the area occupied by patients' scalp. The mobility of the patient is maintained, thus ensuring greater comfort to the patient who can use it sitting or lying down.